Clean and abundant water for Newtown’s future.

The mission of the Pootatuck Watershed Association is to:

Protect and preserve the Pootatuck River, its drainage basin and its underlying aquifer (collectively, the “watershed”), as a recreational resource and as a source of safe, clean drinking water for the benefit of the people of Newtown, Connecticut, now and for generations to come;

Promote the reasonable and prudent use and consumption of water from the Watershed to assure its availability for future generations;

Protect, preserve and enhance the environmental health of land in the Watershed so as to safeguard the water supply and provide suitable habitat for wild flora, fauna and aquatic life;

Encourage and promote land use and development plans and practices in the Watershed and adjacent areas which will further the foregoing goals; Conduct research and collect data and information regarding the Watershed and its components;

Educate the public, especially students, regarding the Watershed, its importance and value, its state, capacity and condition, and relevant threats, risks and opportunities.


Don't miss our World Premiere of the film Our Sole Source: Protecting Our Town's Water, Friday, June 22, 7 pm at CH Booth Library. Free admission. This delightful and educational film is full of information that every community member should be aware of.

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